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Stephen Moyer Behind the Camera

By Gianna Sobol

You may have already heard that Stephen Moyer is trying his hand at directing this season, taking the reins of episode 8 (written by Mark Hudis). I asked Michael McMillian, who plays Steve Newlin, what it’s like to work with Moyer in such a different capacity and he had quite a bit to say:

"It's clear Stephen has a deep appreciation for these characters and a need to dig into things a little deeper than usual to find the truth in each scene. He has a natural talent for directing. He's really in his element behind the camera and brings a playful and wicked sense of humor with him. It was fun working with him. I felt like the parents had left town and our cool big brother was in charge of all us kids. He took his role seriously, but still managed to throw us a party."


A Few Words with Brit Morgan (a.k.a. Debbie Pelt)

By Gianna Sobol

A world without Debbie Pelt is perhaps a happier one for Sookie Stackhouse. But a show without Brit Morgan is, well, a little sad for the cast and crew. Fortunately the feeling is mutual.

Gianna: Do you miss us?! We miss you! What do you miss the most about working on True Blood?

Brit: I miss you SO much!!! I really miss everything but what I miss most is the people. Being surrounded by such wonderful, talented people and feeling like a part of the family. And of course, I miss playing Debbie and looking forward to what new, exciting things I was going to get to do each episode!

Gianna: She was such a wild character. What went into creating her?

Brit: To prepare myself for Debbie, I researched a lot about addiction because it's such a huge part of her life. I attended NA meetings every month and talked to different people about recovery and battling addiction. Through both seasons I kept a journal for her that I would write in to get into character and I made many CD's of music that I thought she would like or that made me feel close to her. I rehearsed for every episode with my acting coach and watched some great documentaries on wolves! 

Gianna: You had some pretty intense moments on the show – including your final one. What was the most trying scene you had to shoot?

Brit: I would say in the 4th season, there's a scene were Alcide and Debbie are having sex and midway through she confronts him about his feelings for Sookie. It was challenging because it was a short scene with so much going on emotionally and at the same time I'd never done a sex scene before, so there were many things to juggle. It ended up going smoothly but I remember being nervous for about two weeks before I shot it. 

Gianna: Who made you laugh the most on set?

Brit: There's a lot of funny people, but I'm gonna go with Anna. 

Gianna: Characters die on True Blood, but that doesn't mean we never see them again. Any chance Debbie might rear her angry head?    

Brit: I hope so!! Debbie might come back with vengeance, and if she does it won't be pretty.

Gianna: And finally, the most important question: Team Eric or Team Bill?  

Brit: Team Bill. 


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