A True Farewell: Season 7 to Be True Blood’s Last

Traumatic news, Truebies: Season 7 will mark the end for ‘True Blood.’ Dry those bloody tears – there’s still 10 new episodes left to sink your teeth into next summer, and Executive Producer Brian Buckner promises they’ll be juicy: “As we take a final walk through Bon Temps together, we will do our very best to bring Sookie’s story to a close with heart, imagination and, of course, fun.”

In Bon Temps, bad things come to those who wait. Sound off on what you’re hoping the final chapter brings in the comments below. 


The Fangover: Fire on the Mountain; No More 175-Year-Old Bullsh*t; Tara’s a Mother Sucker

Another ‘True Blood’ finale, another uncertain fate for a beloved vampire. “Radioactive” put the final nail in Season 6’s coffin and reminded us that like the pack of hungry Hep V-infected vamps lurking outside the newly-branded Bellefleur’s, danger is never far off in ‘True Blood.’

Fans are terrified for Eric, after his hopes for a secluded mountain getaway went up in flames. In this week’s Inside the Episode, director Scott Winant explains that Eric’s blood-screen “becomes ineffectual once Warlow dies.” Rolling Stone voices the general fan reaction: “If that was indeed Alexander Skarsgard's farewell performance, I'm grateful he demonstrated his lack of use for the ‘privacy sock,’ and allowed us to see every last inch of his sun-kissed body.”

Mercifully, the Bon Temps vampires enjoyed their fun in the sun without incinerating. Like any teenager, Jessica posted a photo from the shindig on her blog. New York Magazine enjoyed the vamps’ daytime party, noting that “the relaxed, celebratory nature of these early scenes was sincerely a pleasure to watch after having seen so many of our beloved characters living in death-camp squalor for most of the season.”

Equally enjoyable was Bill’s return to true form. He organizes the rescue party that delivers Sookie from the clutches of her evil-after-all ex-fiancé. “Warlow gives chase, cornering Sookie in her bathroom, which – surprise! – allows Niall to reach through that room’s handy-dandy portal and hold the baddie still just long enough for Jason to stake him,” recaps TV Line. “Hurrah – day saved.”

Six months later, Sookie finds herself in the arms of not a vampire – but a werewolf. “Alcide's now centerstage, and Bill's remembering that, without his Lilith blood, his world really does revolve around Sookie,” Huffington Post points out. “The love triangle is back in shape.” In light of the new romance, Bill’s offer to protect Sookie from the rampant Hep V-infected vampire population is shot down. Bill “promises he can be trusted now,” Zap2It recounts, “but Sookie appropriately notes that even on their best days she could never trust him.” Rolling Stone quips, “Sookie ain't buying any of his 175-year-old bullsh*t.” 

The human blood for vampire protection plan is the brainchild of new mayor Sam Merlotte. His plot to protect his constituency has the support of critics. “We know that some vampires can't separate feeding and sex, so that should make for some juicy/fun story lines,” Entertainment Weekly cheers. New York Magazine characterizes the strategy as “a Violet-Jason relationship on a massive scale” and calls it “one of the strongest and most interesting dynamics in ‘True Blood's history.”

The vampire-human partnerships begin with an unlikely pairing: Tara and her mother, Lettie Mae. Rolling Stone calls the reunion “a beautiful scene between Rutina Wesley and Adina Porter.” TV Line agrees: “How awesome were Tara and Lettie Mae in the (exceptionally well-written) scene in which they reconciled?” Zap2It has a more sinister reading of the sentimental scene: “We can't be the only ones who for a brief second thought Lettie Mae was trying to off Tara once and for all by infecting her with Hep V.” 

How did you read the mother-daughter reconciliation? Is it too late for Eric? Are you Team Sookcide? Share your thoughts on the finale and predictions for Season 7 in the comments below.

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Sound Bites of the Week

  • "It's not like he didn’t deserve it.” – Bill on killing Burrell 
  • "Who's making a Target run?" – Newly liberated vampire
  • "You really are a danger whore, aren't you?" - Warlow 

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The Fangover: Steve Newlin Sees the Light; Eric Northman Is a Vampire Superhero; A Fond Farewell for Terry Bellefleur

The penultimate episode of this season of 'True Blood' is overflowing with sweat, blood and tears. "Life Matters" juxtaposes Terry Bellefleur's emotional funeral with a violent escape from Vamp Camp. It's all about goodbyes this week, both tear-jerking (RIP, Terry) and stomach-churning (holy castration, Eric!). New York Magazine raves, "From concept to execution, 'Life Matters' was very likely True Blood's finest episode to date."

Steve and Sarah Newlin bid adieu to Bon Temps. Alas, Steve's departure is permanent. Although he meets the true death, Rolling Stone declares that by proclaiming his love for Jason Stackhouse in his final moment, "Steve Newlin gets the last laugh… Ryan Kwanten's WTF? reaction was only the beginning of his incredible performance this episode." "Goodbye, Steve Newlin," muses The A.V. Club, "You were enjoyable even in death."

With one ex melted into a puddle of goo, Sarah Newlin's slips through another's merciful hands. "I'm guessing there'll be some fans mad she didn't meet her maker," notes Entertainment Weekly, but Sarah's release "represents growth for Jason, and Sarah is too fun a character to lose." Rolling Stone is pleased with Sarah's great escape: "I'm glad to see Sarah and her 1986 hair will live to see another episode, if not another season." In an interview with, actress Anna Camp hypothesizes that "being sent away will make Sarah more powerful in a sense. She'll shut down and become a robot for God."

Sarah's not the only one fleeing the scene. Eric starts the episode on a bloody crusade. "He daywalks into Vamp Camp, turns loose the prisoners and rips! the! junk! off! of the torture doc who infected Nora with hep V," TV Line exclaims. Entertainment Weekly adds, "That's right up there with Eric ripping a heart out and drinking from it like a Capri Sun." As his friends frolic, high on Billith's blood, Eric flies the coop (literally). "When Eric sailed up into that blue sky it felt like nothing less than a hero's farewell," gushes New York Magazine. "A character who began as a taciturn, self-involved bar owner was now a full-blown vampire superhero with a bigger destiny."

Terry Bellefleur also receives a fitting goodbye. In this week's Inside the Episode, showrunner Brian Buckner explains that Terry's military memorial had personal significance for him. It was "the funeral I never got to have for my dad," Buckner says. The A.V. Club mourns Terry, noting "Throughout his six years on the show he grew more than maybe any other person in a mostly straight trajectory toward personal betterment, marrying Arlene and starting a family." Rolling Stone calls Arlene and Terry "the couple that sets the standard in the 'True Blood' universe." Buckner notes that the funeral was a way for viewers and characters to "stop and feel on a show that doesn't sometimes stop and feel." It's a sentiment perhaps most clearly channeled through Big John's hymn. New York Magazine reflects, "Sometimes the background characters are what make a world, and the world of Bon Temps has never felt more vibrant."

With Terry in the ground and the vamps in the sun, all bets are off for next week's season finale. What will become of Eric? Will Sookie keep her promise to Warlow? Check out a preview below and share your theories in the comments.


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Sound Bites of the Week:

  • "I love you ... Jason Stackhouse!" - Steve Newlin  
  • "Thank you, Big John. That was the shit." - Arlene
  • "Seriously, I'm gnawing at my own arm, and you're gonna drop fang on me?" – Sookie

OD on V:

  • Forget meth. See 9 Reasons Why V is the Drug of Choice.
  • In an interview with TV Guide, Deborah Ann Woll shares that she thought Jessica was dead meat: "When I read about what I did to Andy's daughters, my first thought was, 'I don't know how Jessica Hamby and Andy Bellefleur can be on the same show after something like that. One of them is going to have to go.' " 
  • If you want to chug a Raging Bitch during next week's finale, play along with Hypable's finale drinking game.



The Fangover: Sookie's Date with Destiny; Eric Dumps Bill; Sarah Newlin Steps It Up


"Destiny's too much of a bitch to keep fightin'," Sookie Stackhouse announces this week, and she's hardly the only character at a crossroads. Supes and humans alike debate their fates, leaving several characters feeling just like the episode's title: "Dead Meat."
Sookie ultimately decides to accept Warlow's proposal and become "a walking corpse." In this week's Inside the Episode, Executive Producer Brian Buckner explains that Sookie is "looking for a lifeline." She futilely seeks guidance from Bill, Jason and Sam, but she can't find "hope to stay human," says director Michael Lehmann. "Sookie's going all in," Huffington Post declares. "The monologue at her parents' graves was the best Sookie I've ever seen." Just as the blushing vampire bride goes to untie her groom and tie the knot ("It's a nice day for a black wedding!" exclaims TV Line), she finds there's competition for Warlow's blood. 

Alcide also makes a decision to leave his kind: he's out of the pack. "Though I was kind of digging Alcide as a villain and I appreciated the fact that the other two members of his ménage à trois attempted to kick his ass," New York Magazine admits, "it was still nice to see him make nice with Sam Merlotte over drinks later that night." Entertainment Weekly agrees: "Sam told Alcide there was a cold beer with his name on it. Male bonding. Yay." 


Nicole also chooses to stay with Sam, who (surprise!) is her soon-to-be baby's daddy. Sam's shifter super sense of smell let him know that Nicole's expecting. Rolling Stone quips: "Better keep your identity hidden Sam, because you're going to put the home pregnancy test industry out of business." Alcide also sniffed out the supe sympathizer's bun in the oven, and the two drink to the news. 

Things were less bromantic for the vampires; Eric lets Bill know "It's not me, it's you" and decides to see other people, namely, Adylin and Warlow. "There was no way Bill and Eric would be on the same side for very long, but when Bill decided it was a good time to talk strategy as Eric wiped the gooey remains of his sister off of his chest," notes, "I had to wonder if Lilith had given her new host great powers while robbing him of every shred of tact." Rolling Stone details Eric's rogue plan: "Now that he's had his own Warlow-infused meal, the worst thing UV rays might do to that fair-skinned Swede is a touch of sunburn."

While the boys brawled, a catfight ensued, to the delight of fans and critics. New York Magazine calls Sarah Newlin's smackdown with Tru Blood distributor Ms. Suzuki "Itchy & Scratchy cartoon played out before our eyes… One of the best things I've seen on television all year." In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Anna Camp calls the fight "the craziest scene I've ever shot." Huffington Post concurs that the scene was "as comical as it was disgusting… the kind of scene that makes you remember why you love this show." provides the takeaway: "high heels and grated panels don't mix." 

With only two episodes left this season, Sarah's dream to eradicate the vampire population seems one step closer, as does Bill's vision that his friends will meet the sun and Warlow's wish to wed Sookie. Huffington Post is nervous: "I don't know if I'm ready for a fairy-vampire wedding." Are you? Whose date with destiny are you rooting for? Share your theories in the comments.

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Sound Bites of the Week:
  • "I brought second and third pairs of underwear, in case of wedgies. Most days I needed a fourth..." – Steve Newlin
  • "And you, young man, most certainly didn't get her shirt off. Sorry to take that one away from you..." – Eric 
  • "Take your time, silver fox." – Nicole's mom
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The Fangover: Arlene Seeks Liquid Comfort; Sarah Gets Mad and Even; A Heart-Melting End for Eric and Nora

The body count in Bon Temps continues to climb, while the surviving cast struggles to cope. On this week’s ‘True Blood,’ our favorite characters reconcile their loss the best way they know how (beer, anyone?), and move through the stages of grief.

Denial – Jason

Jason arrives to rescue Jessica with all but a white horse. Sadly, she’s not interested in being saved. Still rife with self-loathing from the faeries’ fatalities, she only has one wish: to see James. In this week’s Inside the Episode, director Scott Howard explains that Jason “can’t do the math quick enough” to understand “he’s usurping his own relationship.” New York Magazine laments Jason’s bad timing: just as he “was ready to let Jessica back into his heart, it appeared as though her heart had moved on to longer-haired pastures.”

Anger – Sarah

Sarah arrives at her boyfriend’s house to find Burrell in a bad headspace. “The sheer campiness of Sarah kissing Burrell's severed head and then chatting with it like a particularly gruesome Hamlet musing to his skull was knee-slappingly funny and the stuff of nightmares all at the same time,” lauds The self-proclaimed unstoppable Sarah decides to get mad and get even. Once Sarah’s “done aca-accosting the Governor’s severed head,” TV Line explains, “She has Jason bloodied up and tossed in with the hungry gen-pop femmes fatales.”

Bargaining – Eric

As Nora’s condition worsens, Eric is resolved to save her. He pleads with Bill and Godric to spare Nora’s life, but his efforts are for naught; she succumbs to the ravaging effects of Hepatitis V and dies in Eric’s arms. Director Scott Howard says that Nora’s true death was “the best joining of visual and physical effects” that he’s done on the show. New York Magazine concurs: “Nora's death was perhaps even more shocking for how sad it looked. No cathartic explosion, no thrilling splat. Just a sad, gooey slide from a crying man's arms. The feeling of loss made visceral.” Rolling Stone calls Alexander Skarsgard’s performance a “magnificent breakdown,” adding that “Nora decomposed into goo will haunt anyone with a romantic heart.”

Depression – Arlene

“That was a lovely, emotional scene for Carrie Preston,” Entertainment Weekly declares, “as Arlene told Sookie about having Terry glamoured and getting a glimpse of what life would be like with him happy before it was ripped away.” In the face of devastating depression, Arlene reaches out to the truest comfort she can find: Pabst Blue Ribbon. “Andy and Holly get Arlene properly drunk enough to forget her loss,” expounds Huffington Post. “Welcome to the South!” Rolling Stone mourns Arlene's state: she’s “a wreck, and no amount of liquor can numb the pain she's going to feel when she finds out her husband orchestrated his death.”

Acceptance – Sookie

While Sookie slowly reconciles what’s happening around her – Warlow assumes she wants a ring on it, Terry’s death was suicide – she reluctantly accepts her new role as Bill’s accomplice. “She sort of plays hard to get since she drank from Warlow and has some power,” explains Huffington Post, “but it looks like she's down for fighting on Team Vamp.” Zap2It hypothesizes that “Warlow likely won't be too pleased that Sookie was convinced he was a fair trade for the lives of her friends, but his love for Sookie is real, so hopefully he'll be understanding.”


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Sound Bites of the Week:

  • "I'm so fucking glad I took my beta blockers.” – Lafayette
  • "Have fun with your sluts!” – Sarah 
  • "You don’t have that stockholder’s syndrome, do you?” – Jason 

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